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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Useful Information About Algorithms

Almost everything consists of algorithms and smart solutions and I mean by this computer programs, electronics etc. I want to share with you some interesting sites where algorithms are well explained and shown with applets.
You may need it to your work presentation or your own idea developing, learning or other matter. I will try to keep this post updated and update it as I get new links, explanations and useful information.

Note 1: As mentioned in the Disclaimer, I take No Responsibility for Any Action you do on the sites that you will be redirected to by clicking the links.

Note 2: Presenting Search Results only. If You click somewhere on the search results You take the responsibility for Your Actions.

Note 3: In case you need DJVU Reader to open documents in the DJVU format.

Note 4: To easily manage the links you will get, visit the JDownloader Post.

Let’s start with some useful books:

  1. Introduction to Algorithms
  2. New Algorithms
  3. Clever Algorithms
  4. Data Structures and Algorithms:
    Annotated Reference with Examples
  5. Image Analysis Algorithms (including code)
  6. Graph Algorithms
  7. Search Algorithms
  8. Fast Algorithms
  9. Efficient Algorithms
  10. Fast and Efficient Algorithms
  11. Algorithms Implementations
  12. Algorithms and Code
  13. Optimization

Here are some applets to illustrate and compare algorithms:

  1. MIT Video Lectures with explanations
  2. Sorting Algorithms
  3. Data Structures and Basic Algorithms Java Applets

Applets and examples will be added as I found something really interesting and efficient. Comment and share your knowledge!

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