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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Need to download files? Have a lot of links? Than JDownloader Download Manager is the Solution!

I want to introduce you to very simple tool that manages your downloads, all you need is to mark the link, and hit the CTRL+C button combinations on your keyboard.
That is all you need to make the JDownloader copy and check the link and just start downloading from the sources/links you just copied.

So here are the simple, really simple steps to implement it on your computer:
1) Go to the JDownloader official download site.
2) Choose your platform - Windows, UNIX, MAC.
3) Hit the appropriate icon and hit on the download link that will be provided to you.
4) Installation is very simple, it will just ask you where to install it and the download folder - where actually the files will be stored after download completes.
5) After installation just open the program and every time you will mark a link and hit the CTRL+C to download something it will automatically put the link in the software and tell you if the link is alive. Now all you need is to hit play button - to start downloading.

Simple, isn't it?
Step by step guide with screenshot for every step.
For any questions please comment.

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