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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All-In-One Programming Series Post 1

Starting a mini project about Computer Science - I will publish here a series of posts about programming, design, DB and more. Today is the general Meta Lists. To be continued in All-In-One Programming Series Post 2.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Detroit Auto Show

I like cars very much and what about you? Did you hear about the great Detroit Auto Show?
Here are some good links for you to be updated about the new technologies, concept cars, new models and complete reviews:

Computer Aided Geometric Design

Let me share with you a great online book about CAGD published and written by Thomas W. Sederberg on January 2011.
Computer aided geometric design (CAGD) concerns itself with the mathematical description of shape for use in computer graphics, manufacturing, or analysis. It draws upon the fields of geometry, computer graphics, numerical analysis, approximation theory, data structures and computer algebra.
CAGD is a young field. The first work in this field began in the mid 1960s. The term computer aided geometric design was coined in 1974 by R.E. Barnhill and R.F. Riesenfeld in connection with a conference at the University of Utah.

Here are the chapters:


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