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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Startup Genome Compass Project

Do you have a startup or part of the administration? Do you work in a startup and want to make it better?
I want to introduce you to a new program Startup Genome Compass that was developed in the famous silicon valley. The web program requires registration and your startup parameters. After registering and providing the needed parameters the program will show you if your business is running good or it will fall, you will also get advices where to invest and what should be done in order to be successful.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Singapore Architecture Articles and Pictures

I want to share with you my love to the smart and effective city-country Singapore. When reading about it in newspapers I am always impressed by their innovations, revolutionary new technologies and smart solutions.
The relationship between government and business, tax rates and other smart politics the government leads.
I have collected some sites including short architecture articles and custom photos from Singapore:
1) Architecture and Buildings
2) Custom Photos of Singapore

Write A Lot? Need a Tool who Completes Words While Typing?

I have found a brand new free tool called eType that completes the words as you type them, anywhere, translates what you write to your native language and prevents spelling mistakes.
You can connect to Facebook and type your messages fast and efficient. It takes couple of minutes to install it and choose any dictionary you need.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Want to Surprise Your Girlfriend? What Do You Think About Creative Marriage Proposal?

Here is another creative and beautiful idea to make something regular to big unforgotten show. When I saw this video I was amazed how people can be creative when they really love each other so it’s my turn to show you how incredible Marriage Proposal can be!

Do You Need a Good Book to Study? Looking for Free Full Scanned Books?

Are you in a high school or college? Maybe university? Learning or Teaching? Then this post is exactly for you! Let me guess that you may have a problem with books, sometimes financial and sometimes the book you need is taken from the library or it’s far away.

Antivirus Smart Comparison

Almost every computer has antivirus software, some are free other need license. But from my experience the hard step is to choose the right antivirus for your needs. Before paying or going with very attractive ads that every brand is publishing you need to check what are real parameters of the products. If you know that product X is giving you better performance than product Y even if X hasn’t so attractive ads and pictures you should take X. It’s matter of fact that really good product doesn’t need publishing like Rolls Royce or Bentley, Breitling or Rolex.
I will share with you one very good site that shows you by category AV Comparatives and the performance of the antivirus software. You will see who is the winner in every category and the conclusion. Tests are taking place every year and always up to date, includes Kaspersky, ESET, Avast and another 18 brands.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back To School!

1st September is near and every child is happy to get back to school, to do some homework and to meet again his teachers. Most of you learn math, some of you love it and some will prefer to play basketball.
I have seen that there is quite a lot of pupils who need very fast straight forward solution without theory, or just check themselves if they did their exercises right.
Such audience can use Quick Math site to get fast and efficient results for almost every school math exercise. It is very simple to navigate in the site and all you need is just to enter your exercise.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Efficient and Quick Solutions For Common Problems

Do you encounter PC related problems? Don’t want to spend money and time? We always have some issues like driver installation or CD/DVD issues, PC Crash and other common problems with our PC.
I have found a good site for you there you will find how to solve such problems without spending money. Step by step solution for common problems. Just Try it and maybe it will solve your problem.
If you know about some common issue or problem just post it and let us learn from your knowledge!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Need Math Help?

Before university? Want to study before the semester starts? In a high school and you have some problems in math?
Then you have two good ways to gain the solution:
1) To post here your problem or comment and me or others will try to help.
2) There is a very good Math Forum that helps to people that are stuck.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Want To Buy A New Phone? Don’t Know Which One Is Better? How About Some New Technologies?

I have found and using a good review site about cellphones – it shows me all the cellphones from almost every brand! I can click on the brand name and get it’s phones.
You can also do a smart comparison – click on the phone you like in the gallery and when the page loads you will see the compare button. Search the phone you want to compare to and you will get full info about the second phone – compare and choose what do you prefer.
You will find on GSM Arena a lot of news and reviews about new technologies.
Samsung Galaxy S II or Motorola Atrix? Blackberry or Nokia? And a lot more similar questions answered!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How About Changing Your Ringtone?

So do you have same ringtone for a year or more? Changing ringtones every day? Then I should recommend you a very nice free site to download your new ringtone. There is a great amount of Ringtones for you to choose. Oh and don't forget to tell your cellphone Renew!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you deal with UNIX or Linux?

You are at the right place! Go with me and I will show you some good sites with explanations and explained material for all levels UNIX or Linux users, I have found:
  • Are you a Beginner? Want to be an Expert? When you should visit A Complete Tutorial for UNIX. It will show you what is UNIX and you will get a step by step tutorial information so it’s good place to start!
  • Like lectures and exercises? Visit UNIX\Linux Lectures and Exercises. On this site you will find lecture notes and exercises that were designed to support an intensive introductory course on UNIX or to act as a reference to users who are new to UNIX. Applies both for UNIX and Linux users.
  • Are you in a hurry? Need Quick Linux Tutorial? You will find a quick Hands-On tutorial to start understanding what is going on, Enjoy!
  • What about some Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial? You will find there basic questions and explained answers along with some chapters about shell programming. Give it a chance!.
Maybe you prefer a PDF\DJVU Book, and if you will something interesting just share with us.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Work with Oracle and DataBases?

I have some people in my own family that work with databases and I hear all the time some good sites and programs that are being used and also some good book suggestions:
  • Ask Questions about Oracle DB’s and best practices, includes forum and experts answers, oracle issues, configuration and common issues discussions.
  • Professional Consulting in Oracle support and training services. You will find there a lot of training, tips, forum and class catalog. Along with all the above there are support including remote DBA assistance and Oracle Tuning.
  • Resources and Forums, downloads (patches and updates) support and services.
  • Online Book with explanations about using Oracle – includes step by step solution to your goal or problem, multiple options to do it and explanations.
  • Do you like sports? When this coach is not your football one, but Oracle Coach that offers excellent resources in form of tutorials, study-guides, self-study materials, quizzes, questions and videos so that you can learn Oracle in the most effective way possible.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

S.O.S Math Site Review

A a math student, I have discovered a lot of interesting sites and this is one of them – S.O.S Math.
In S.O.S Math you will find a lot of math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations.
You will also get the chance to see solutions and examples to common exercises that are given in your class too!
The audience of this site is high school, college and university and also adult learners.
From my own experience it’s straight forward making sense on your problem and explains most common issues and tricks. Short and easy to understand explanations!

Mateusz Skutnik and his Pastel Stories and Games

I am a big fun of good puzzle games, point and click and escape games.
Like 7 years a go I have seen in some sites that there are some interesting games from Poland painter and programmer Mateusz Skutnik.
You can find his Pastel Portal full of paintings, stories, interviews and enjoy his masterpiece Rewolucje comic book that you can buy.
There is also Pastel Games that is Skutnik's flash game portal - you will find there very beautiful point and click games like Covert Front, Submachine Series and DayMareTown. There are games for iPhone too.

Google of Games

I have found a good all-in-one genres site for online games. Gamershood site is an intelligent one with really good games to anyone in every genre – action, point and click, adventure etc…

You will find full video walkthrough to point and click games and user comments.
It's possible to download some demo games and to try them before paying. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Math–Trigonometry Problem with Brilliant Solution!

Hey, I have found some good trigonometry problem and wanted to share with you my solution:
Find the x’s that satisfies the equation:
sqrt(2)*sin(x) – cos(x/2) = sin(x/2)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

For Russian Readers, Students and Teachers

I have found a great site that just explains step by step a lot of math techniques and solutions to your exercises.
When you write your equation the program is explaining using graphs and textual explanation what should be done to solve equations, integrals, differentiation problems etc.

Nigma is in Russian, and it can help people who don't know English or other languages but still need to understand the material the learn.

Compute and Discover Everything With Wolfram!

Wolfram Alpha site is giving us the possibility to compute almost everything in math, physics, chemistry and explains every step (in most cases).
You can get weather information along with history brief about WW2. It's very powerful engine that brings you exactly what you need, fast and in professional form.
Need definitions in Math? Need Lemmas and Theorems? Then use Wolfram MathWorld for this.


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