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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Want to have a Good Time? Pixar's Presto will do the Job!

Working? Learning? Feeling bored? Want to laugh with a really masterpiece from the great Pixar studio?
Then enjoy Presto!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking for Greeting Card? Need Something Special Creative or Romantic?

If you are looking for a good greeting to surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend family or friends then you at the right place, because in this post you will get what you need. You will find there a huge library of possible events and greetings related to it and also a special service - when you send the greeting you get a copy and notification when your addressee opens it.

Think You Can Bit the Computer? Then Try!

The New York Times Science provided very interesting post about Rock-Paper-Scissors game where you just choose the difficulty level and start to play with the computer. There is a mode where the computer uses over 200k games and user actions in order to predict you move and win the round.
Sounds challenging? Then try to win!

Need Information About any Web Site?

I have found a very simple and effective tool - Tillax to gather info about any site. It can be useful for people who have some problems with web sites and their owners, payment issues or simply if you just want to have a good report about the site you visit.

Also you will see there Google Ranks, site value and more!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Need DJVU to PDF Converter and DJVU Reader?

We can find a lot of documents today in the DJVU format and some of us need to convert it to PDF.
Using DJVU Reader you can export any DJVU doc in PDF format just in a few seconds.


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Need Similar Alternatives and Competitors to the Famous Sites? Stop Searching, it’s Here!

Sometimes you find yourself upset that a site that you need closed registration or there are other restrictions that makes you to miss your initial goal.
I have found an Alternative Way for you to try and find some other sites that provide similar results. You can find there popularity and similarity ranks to your initial site.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Like to Read Articles? What Do You Think About Bank of Articles For Your Choice?

It’s like to be in a forest, that is the exact description of the site I want to introduce you. You will find there just a bank of articles for your choice, so all you need is to choose the subject and voila, the vault opens!

Do You Learn Numerical Methods? Do You Need More Explanations? You Are at The Right Place!

Let me guess, you need nice and easy way to learn and understand the course so the solution is just here – videos from YouTube for you including very good site to learn numerical methods with examples and theory:

Saturday, September 03, 2011

List of Common Home Problems and their Solutions

Do you want to solve your common problems at home efficiently? Then you got to the right place. I will share with you here an efficient money saving list of solution to common problems like peeling paint or excessive dust, high energy bills or how to make you home more comfortable.
Using those methods will make you save energy, money and make your home management more efficient.


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