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Monday, March 12, 2012

All-In-One Programming Series Post 8

Today the post is a bit complicated  and includes: Clojure, CoffeeScript, Cold Fusion, DB2, Delphi/Pascal, Django, Emacs, Erlang, Flex, F#, Forth, Git, Go, Grails and Haskell. To be continued in All-In-One Programming Series Post 9.
Note 1: As mentioned in the Disclaimer, I take No Responsibility for Any Action you do on the sites that you will be redirected to by clicking the links.
Note 2: Presenting Search Results only. If You click somewhere on the search results You take the responsibility for Your Actions.
Note 3: In case you need DJVU Reader to open documents in the DJVU format.
Note 4: To easily manage the links you will get, visit the JDownloader Post.

  1. Clojure Programming
  2. Clojure - Functional Programming for the JVM
  3. Clojure in Action
  1. Smooth CoffeeScript
  2. The Little Book on CoffeeScript
  3. CoffeeScript Books
  1. CFML In 100 Minutes
  2. ColdFusion Books
  3. Other ColdFusion Books
  1. Getting started with DB2 Express-C (PDF)
  2. Getting started with IBM Data Studio for DB2 (PDF)
  3. Getting started with IBM DB2 development (PDF)
Delphi / Pascal
  1. Essential Pascal Version 1 and 2
  2. The Tomes of Delphi
  3. Delphi Books
  4. Other Delphi Books
  5. Pascal Books
  1. Djangobook.com
  2. Django Books
  1. GNU Emacs Manual, 16th Edition, v. 22
  2. An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp, 3rd Edition
  3. Emacs Books
  1. Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good
  2. Erlang Books
  1. Getting started with Adobe Flex (PDF)
  2. Flex Books
  1. The F# Survival Guide
  2. F Sharp Programming in Wikibooks
  3. Real World Functional Programming (MSDN Chapters)
  4. F# Books
  1. Starting Forth
  2. Thinking Forth
  3. Forth Books
  1. Pro Git
  2. The Git Community Book
  3. Git From The Bottom Up (PDF)
  4. Git Books
  1. The Go Tutorial
  1. Getting Start with Grails
  2. Grails Books
  1. Learn You a Haskell
  2. Real World Haskell

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