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Friday, August 12, 2011

Work with Oracle and DataBases?

I have some people in my own family that work with databases and I hear all the time some good sites and programs that are being used and also some good book suggestions:
  • Ask Questions about Oracle DB’s and best practices, includes forum and experts answers, oracle issues, configuration and common issues discussions.
  • Professional Consulting in Oracle support and training services. You will find there a lot of training, tips, forum and class catalog. Along with all the above there are support including remote DBA assistance and Oracle Tuning.
  • Resources and Forums, downloads (patches and updates) support and services.
  • Online Book with explanations about using Oracle – includes step by step solution to your goal or problem, multiple options to do it and explanations.
  • Do you like sports? When this coach is not your football one, but Oracle Coach that offers excellent resources in form of tutorials, study-guides, self-study materials, quizzes, questions and videos so that you can learn Oracle in the most effective way possible.

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