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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do You Need a Good Book to Study? Looking for Free Full Scanned Books?

Are you in a high school or college? Maybe university? Learning or Teaching? Then this post is exactly for you! Let me guess that you may have a problem with books, sometimes financial and sometimes the book you need is taken from the library or it’s far away.

Never mind what is the reason I am here for the solution! I will show you a good library site where you will find almost every popular book you needed and couldn’t get for any reason.
In this Library site you will find full scanned books and all you need is the name of the book or the ISBN (Unique number for the book that you can find on the first pages of the book, near the year it was published, just look for the abbreviation ISBN). In most cases you will find your book.
For Russian audience that need books in Russian just go to the similar Library Site.
Sometimes you will need Google account for the ISBN search. You will need this for registration in the site.

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