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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Generating Functions in Combinatorics

Let me introduce you to my good friend, Amir Goren, who is studying with me for B.A in Applied Mathematics and I have asked him to write an article about math and this is the right place to encourage you to write for the blog and to publish your knowledge.

Generating Functions in Combinatorics
By Amir Goren
Let's start with a little problem: How many different options do we have to choose n balls from colors red, yellow and blue, regardless of the order, to get even number of red balls, odd number of yellow balls, and number of blue balls is 3 or less?
It seems like a complicated problem that should be converted to an easier one. Let's try to solve the problem (with all the conditions it places) with red balls only. Read more...

  • Generating Functions in Combinatorics on Scribd
  • Amir is interested in Combinatorics and Algebraic Structures.
  • All the rights are reserved for the writer of "Generating Functions in Combinatorics" - Amir Goren.
  • Clicking the "Read more..." will lead you to the MediaFire File Hosting where you will be able to download Amir's article for free - in PDF format.

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