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Monday, September 05, 2011

Do You Learn Numerical Methods? Do You Need More Explanations? You Are at The Right Place!

Let me guess, you need nice and easy way to learn and understand the course so the solution is just here – videos from YouTube for you including very good site to learn numerical methods with examples and theory:

  1. Numerical Methods, Theory and Examples
  2. Direct Method of Interpolation: Linear Interpolation
  3. Spline Interpolation: Linear Spline: Example
  4. Direct Method of Interpolation: Quadratic Interpolation
  5. Lagrangian Interpolation – Theory
  6. Quadratic Spline Interpolation: Theory Part 1 of 2
  7. Quadratic Spline Interpolation: Theory Part 2 of 2
  8. Lagrangian Interpolation: Linear Interpolation: Example
  9. Spline Interpolation: Linear Spline: Theory
  10. Trapezoidal Rule of Integration: Example
  11. Gauss Quadrature
  12. Simpson's Rule

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